The Coast

Saltily breathes the sea breeze, and I sigh,

Whitecaps crashing on craggy stone with gentle roars,

As I dip my toes in the teeming tide pool here,

Pink anemone, glorious blue crabs, gulls above soar,

Weightless they seem as they sing to themselves, calling

And dipping with a splash in the grotto loved bay,

Away from all that we have wrought, with my blue-green mother

And behind me redwoods whisper, leaves rustle this quiet day

As if my god’s fingers themselves trace through the woods

And I sit here on this soaked stone as I listen to Earth

And the tunes she hums, a gentle lullaby, sweet and light,

Yet now day fades, sun shrinks as orange and violet bright

Paint the silent-now sky as everything rests in the oncoming



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