Autumn Ago

Softly cries the whispered western wind

Like gentle strings plucked in final allegro,

Rising up through rustled leaves ascending

And cascading in mournful peace as snow

Yet to come, but better amber Autumn offers

For the air is cool, comforting, nature’s breath

As sienna sunlight soaks pumpkin coffers

Of gold and seeds, fruits fat, and death

As we know it has given Earth her due

And She, us, for in fertile soil somberly decays

These gorgeous leaves the little winds blew

From their trees, now bare, hue brown today

And winter is here to quiet the world now

As She sleeps beneath inches of white cold,

My forest, my fields bare, my prints crunched down

And I remember burnt brown, red, and gold,

The audience gone and crescendo passed

And I should head home too, a ways to go

With but memories of misty Autumn last,

For the past has passed and I’ve new seeds to sow.


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