My poems 🙂

  • kickin rocks

    a nostalgic poem of youth and loss

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  • Sonder

    Other people, Tiny lights, In a windowsill at night, Heartbeats In the silence.  I am one of you, I think, And you are just like me, A little world of privacy Moments in time, In place, as I pass by. I think Goodbye Is the hardest thing to say Besides “I love you” And to…

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  • The Coast

    Saltily breathes the sea breeze, and I sigh, Whitecaps crashing on craggy stone with gentle roars, As I dip my toes in the teeming tide pool here, Pink anemone, glorious blue crabs, gulls above soar, Weightless they seem as they sing to themselves, calling And dipping with a splash in the grotto loved bay, Away…

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