A Bit About Me

A Bit About Me

Hi! My name is S.A. Freeman, otherwise known as Lynk. I am an amateur writer who wanted to post my things online, to construct a portfolio of my works. I love writing, and have been fiddling with the craft for 14 years now (as of 2022). Over time, I learned a thing or two, here or there, and so I also wanted to make a blog where I could talk about writing, and the books I’ve read, and all such things.

I hope you’ll find this page entertaining, thought provoking, action packed, or any other adjective that tickles your fancy. I’ve worked hard on the stories here, and I only ask that you read them for the pleasure of reading 🙂 I hope they entertain you as much as they have entertained and kept me company.

And to any writers reading this, just know, if you want to get good at your craft, love it. Let it be your escape. I am in love with writing, and I hope I can inspire a person or two to pursue their passions in writing. It’s a wonderful thing, to create storylines, characters, settings, to pass on what you know and what you think to readers. And if you like to write too, then welcome. This is a page as much for readers as it is writers.

I love you all!