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  • The Kuiper Protocol

    The Kuiper Protocol

    Deep in the reaches of our Solar System, in an asteroid and planetoid zone known as the Kuiper Belt, Sedna, the farthest away object ever touched by humans, goes dark. Here in the Belt, the secrets to life are unraveling at the fingertips of scientist Allister McCullinay. Fueled by critical discoveries made from experimenting with…

  • The Wanderer’s Atlas



    I started writing 13 years ago, and I always dreamed of putting my works out there for people to read. As I have sharpened my skills, I decided to take the stories of my past and present and create an anthology of progress. From Ghosts for Sale to The Edge of Faith, I hope these…

  • Kat




    In S.A. Freeman’s debut novel, the 13th Amendment allows for slavery as punishment for a crime. This is how Kat became a slave. No longer even truly remembering her full name, she finds herself being auctioned off once more, leaving her personal hell behind when a new, mysterious woman purchases her. This stranger, with alluring…