kickin rocks

kickin rocks down the street
rockin with wheels on our feet
the light hit us just right,
and school was out for the week,
you smiled at me sweetly
a slightly crooked tooth-line
that I always found solace in,
and those are fond memories
before we tried cigarettes,
vaping, before we lost friends
to moving and death, before we
had to seek our own truths
and split up and saw war and
hate and pain and depression
suffering all the world has to offer
that isn’t the joy we knew years
ago, where, once upon a time,
sitting by the beach was ‘the thing’
where we’d sneak a beer and
make a little fire in the sand.
candy wrappers and rum and cokes
skateboards and ruined hopes,
feels like last summer i saw you but
summer passed and summers past
are all i have left of you and us
and the youth we once shared
kickin rocks down the street.


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