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  • The Dictionary Obscura: Coruscate

    The Dictionary Obscura: Coruscate

    Definition: (v.) to flash, to sparkle, to glitter. Synonyms: gleam; glisten Antonyms: Etymology: from Latin coruscatus, past participle of coruscare “to vibrate, glitter”.

  • Adverbial Sentences, Phrases, and Clauses

    Adverbial Sentences, Phrases, and Clauses

    Adverbial Sentences Adverbial Sentences are sentences that start with an adverb. This may seem easy to understand at a first glance. After all, starting sentences with adverbs is something we do all the time! Take a look at these two sentences: The first sentence places emphasis on the action of creeping up the stairs.  The…

  • The Dictionary Obscura: Susurrus

    The Dictionary Obscura: Susurrus

    Definition: (n.) a whispering or rustling sound. Synonyms: whisper; murmur; rustling Antonyms: roar; scream;  Etymology: from Latin susurrationem, noun of action from past-participle stem of susurrare “to hum, murmur,” from susurrus “a murmur, whisper.” This is held to be a reduplication of a PIE imitative swer- “to buzz, whisper”.

  • The Dictionary Obscura: Saturnine

    The Dictionary Obscura: Saturnine

    Definition: cold and steady in mood; of gloomy or surly disposition Synonyms: depressed; cheerless Antonyms: joyous; jocose Etymology: from Middle English Saturne + –ine. Obscure Fact: Old medicine believed these characteristics to be caused or influenced by the astrological influence of the planet Saturn, which was the most remote from the Sun (in the knowledge…

  • The Dictionary Obscura: Scripturient

    The Dictionary Obscura: Scripturient

    Definition: having a strong urge to write. Etymology: late Latin scripturient-, scripturiens, present participle of scripturire to desire to write, desiderative of Latin scribere.